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Salpausselkä (ski jump)

Salpausselkä is a ski jumping venue in Lahti, Finland. The hills are K116, K90, K64, K38, K25, K15, K8 and K6. == References == == External links

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Snezhinka (ski jump hills)

Snezhinka are ski jumping hills in Chaykovsky, Russia. == History == First K40 hill was opened in 1980. Five new hills were open in 2012. It hosted

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Trampolino Olimpico

Trampolino Olimpico Italia is a ski jumping hill (K90), built in 1955 in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. It was the site of the ski jumping, Nordic combined

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Vikersundbakken or Vikersund Hill is a ski flying hill at Vikersund in Modum, Norway. It is one of the largest in the world. Nine world records have b

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Râșnov Ski Jump

Râșnov Ski Jump (Romanian: Trambulina Valea Cărbunării) is a ski jumping hill located within the Râșnov Sports Complex, in the Cărbunării Valley, sout

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Letalnica bratov Gorišek

Letalnica bratov Gorišek (English: Flying hill of Gorišek brothers) is a ski flying hill and the biggest of eight hills located at the Planica Nordic

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Granåsen is a ski jumping hill, located in Granåsen skicenter in Trondheim, Norway. The hill frequently hosts World Cup and Continental Cup competitio

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Orlinek (ski jumping hill)

Orlinek is a ski jumping hill in Karpacz, Poland. == History == The first hill in Karpacz (then Krummhübel, German Empire) was opened in 1912. The

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Malinka (ski jumping hill)

Skocznia narciarska im. Adama Małysza w Wiśle-Malince (Malinka, Adam Malysz Hill) is a ski jumping venue in Wisła, Poland. == History == This venue

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Dauphine (ski jump hill)

Dauphine is an abandoned ski jumping large hill in Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte, France. == History == Hill was opened in 1966. It was constructed in

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Große Zirmbergschanze

Große Zirmbergschanze is a ski jumping large hill in Ruhpolding, Germany. == History == It was built from 1962-1962 and owned by Ski-Club Ruhpolding

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Schanzen Einsiedeln

The ski jumping venue in Eschbach, Einsiedeln was built in 2001. In 2010 the venue became the Nationale Sprunganlage (National Ski jumping venue) of S

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Kanzlersgrund (ski jump hills)

Kanzlersgrund ski jump hills or Schanzenanlage im Kanzlersgrund (also Hans-Renner-Schanze, Rennsteigschanze or Schanze am Rennsteig) are ski jumping h

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Średnia Krokiew

Średnia Krokiew (The Normal Krokiew, in Polish krokiew means rafter) is a ski jumping normal hill in Zakopane, Poland. == History == Hill was opened

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Le Brévent

Le Brévent is a mountain of Haute-Savoie, France. It lies in the Aiguilles Rouges range of the French Prealps and has an altitude of 2525 metres abov

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