Things to do in Finland

Finland (Finnish: Suomi [suo̯mi] ( listen); Swedish: Finland Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfɪnland]), officially the Republic of Finland (Finnish: Suomen tasavalta, Swedish: Republiken Finland) is a country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, and Russia to the east. Finland is a Nordic country and is situated in the geographical region of Fennoscandia. The capital and largest city is Helsinki. Other m

Karelia Aviation Museum

The Karelia Aviation Museum (Finnish: Karjalan Ilmailumuseo) is located at Lappeenranta Airport in Lappeenranta, Finland. The museum is run by Kaakkoi

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Päijänne Tavastia Aviation Museum

Päijänne Tavastia Aviation Museum (Finnish: Päijät-Hämeen ilmailumuseo) is an aviation museum in Asikkala, near Lahti, Finland. It opened in its curre

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Karhulan ilmailukerho Aviation Museum

Karhulan Ilmailukerhon Aviation Museum is a museum specialized in aircraft, located at Kymi Airfield in Kotka, Finland. The museum opened in 1992. A n

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Savo Railway Museum

Savo Railway Museum (Finnish: Savon Radan Museo) is a museum located in Pieksämäki, Finland. It presents the history of rail transport. The building w

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Finnish Railway Museum

The Finnish Railway Museum (Finnish: Suomen Rautatiemuseo) is located in Hyvinkää, Finland. It was founded in 1898 and located in Helsinki. The museum

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Rauma Maritime Museum

Rauma Maritime Museum (Finnish: Rauman merimuseo) is a museum in Rauma, Finland held by Rauma Maritime Museum Foundation. The museum opened in the for

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Åland Maritime Museum

The Åland Maritime Museum (Swedish: Ålands sjöfartsmuseum) is a museum in Mariehamn in the Åland Islands, Finland. It is located in the western part o

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Forum Marinum

Forum Marinum is maritime museum located in Turku, Finland. == History == The museum was founded in 1999 by merging of Turku maritime museum establi

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Mobilia is an automobile and road museum located in Kangasala, Finland. The museum is devoted to history of motoring, motor vehicles and road traffic

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Oulu City Library

Oulu City Library (Finnish: Oulun kaupunginkirjasto) is a municipal and regional library in Oulu, Finland. The main library building is located in the

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Turku City Library

Turku City Library (Finnish: Turun kaupunginkirjasto, Swedish: Åbo stadsbibliotek) is a municipal library service in Turku, Finland which includes sev

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Sibelius Museum

The Sibelius Museum (Finnish: Sibelius-museo, Swedish: Sibeliusmuseum) is a museum of music, named after the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The museu

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Arktikum Science Museum

The Arktikum is a museum and science centre in Rovaniemi, Finland. Arktikum is an attraction, popular culture destination as well as a memorable venue

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Tietomaa is a science center in Oulu, Finland. It is located in Myllytulli neighbourhood near the city centre. It is the first science centre in Finla

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Heureka (science center)

Heureka is a Finnish science center in Vantaa, Finland, north of Helsinki, designed by Heikkinen – Komonen Architects. The aim of the science centre,

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