Things to do in Europe

Tempel Synagogue, Lviv

Tempel Synagogue was a synagogue at the Old Market Square 14 (the historic Fish Market) in Lviv, now Ukraine. Lviv was one of the first Galician citi

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Stadion Oosterpark

Oosterpark Stadion (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌoːstərˈpɑrk ˈstaːdiɔn]) was the stadium of football club FC Groningen until December 2005. The all-seater s

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Point Theatre

The Point Theatre (often referred to as the Point Depot or simply as the Point) was a concert and events venue in Dublin, Ireland, that operated from

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Pawiak prison

Pawiak (Polish pronunciation: [ˈpavjak]) was a prison built in 1835 in Warsaw, Congress Poland. During the January 1863 Uprising, it served as a tran

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Great Synagogue, Łomża

The Great Synagogue was a historic Jewish synagogue in Łomża, Poland. The synagogue stood at the south-eastern corner of the Main Square at the inters

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Kazan Cathedral, Moscow

Kazan Cathedral Russian: Казанский собор, formally known as the "Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan", is a Russian Orthodox church located on the northeas

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The Columbushaus (Columbus House) was a nine-storey modernist office and shopping building in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, designed by Erich Mendelsohn

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Sutyagin House

The Sutyagin House (Russian: Дом Сутягина, Dom Sutyagina; also called Деревянный небоскрёб, "wooden skyscraper", or Соломбальский небоскрёб, "Solombal

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Holy Innocents' Cemetery

The Holy Innocents' Cemetery (French: Cimetière des Saints-Innocents or Cimetière des Innocents) is a defunct cemetery in Paris that was used from the

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Sibton Abbey

Sibton Abbey, an early Cistercian abbey located near Yoxford, Suffolk, was founded about 1150 by William de Chesney, High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffo

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St Michael and St Mary Magdalene's Church, Easthampstead

The Church of St Michael and St Mary Magdalene, is the Parish Church of Easthampstead, Berkshire. The parish of Easthampstead is one of the largest pa

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St Alphege Church, Edmonton

St Alphege Church is a grade II listed church in Edmonton, London. It was designed by Edward Maufe in a modern Swedish Gothic style and opened in the

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St Paul and St Stephen's Church, Gloucester

St Paul and St Stephen's Church is a Church of England church located in Stroud Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire. St Paul's church was built between

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Church of All Saints, Lopen

The Anglican Church of All Saints in Lopen, Somerset, England was built in the 12th century. It is a Grade II* listed building. == History == The ch

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Sant'Andrea, Gallicano

Sant’Andrea is a 12th-century Roman Catholic church building in the town of Gallicano, province of Lucca, region of Tuscany, Italy. == History == T

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