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Leschaux Hut

The Leschaux Hut (French: Refuge de Leschaux) is a refuge in the Mont Blanc massif in the Alps. It is located at 2,431 m on the north side of the Glac

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Hans Berger Haus

The Hans Berger Haus is a refuge hut belonging to the Kufstein section of the Austrian Friends of Nature, located in the Kaisergebirge mountains in Ty

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Holubyho Chata

Holubyho Chata is a mountain hostel and restaurant located on the eastern slope of Velké Javořiny in the White Carpathians. The cottage is accessible

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Rossijevo Sklonište

Rossijevo Sklonište (engl.: The shelter Rossia)-a mountain shelter at an altitude of 1580 m, located in the reserve Rožanski Kukovi, directly under th

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Zavižan (Chalet)

Zavižan is a tourist hostel in Welebicie, Croatia. = = Description = = is located at a height of 1594 m, on the southern slope of Vučjaka (1645 m) abo

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Simony Hut

The Simony Hut (German: Simonyhütte) is an Alpine club hut belonging to the Austrian Alpine Club (OeAV) located at a height of 2,205 metres, just belo

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Grutten Hut

The Grutten Hut (German: Gruttenhütte) is an Alpine club hut at a height of 1620 metres in the Kaisergebirge in Tyrol in Austria. It is owned by the

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Cosmiques Hut

The Cosmiques Hut (French: Refuge des Cosmiques) is a mountain hut in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps at an altitude of 3,613 m (11,854 ft).

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Lauteraar Hut

The Lauteraar Hut (German: Lauteraarhütte) is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located south-west of Handegg in the canton of Bern. The hut li

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Georgy Hut

The Georgy Hut (Romansh: Chamanna Georgy, German: Georgyhütte or Georgy's Hütte) is a mountain hut in the Swiss Alps, located on Piz Languard, above P

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Hollandia Hut

The Hollandia Hut (German: Hollandiahütte) is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located east of Blatten in the canton of Valais. The hut lies a

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Dent Blanche Hut

The Dent Blanche Hut (French: Cabane de la Dent Blanche or Cabane Rossier) is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located south of Les Haudères i

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Zastler Hut

The Zastler Hut (German: Zastler Hütte) is a managed mountain hut situated at a height of 1,256 m above NHN in the Black Forest in Germany. It is loca

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Fritz Pflaum Hut

The Fritz Pflaum Hut (German: Fritz-Pflaum-Hütte) is an Alpine club hut belonging to the Bayerland Section of the German Alpine Club, located in the K

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Triglav Lakes Lodge

The Triglav Lakes Lodge (Slovene: Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih) (1685 m) is a mountain lodge between Double Lake (Dvojno jezero) and the artificial L

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