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Refuge des Évettes

Refuge des Évettes is a refuge in the Alps.

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Tracuit Hut

The Tracuit Hut (French: Cabane de Tracuit) is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located above Zinal in the canton of Valais. The hut lies at a

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Mariholtet is a tourist cabin in Østmarka, a forested area on the eastern side of Oslo, Norway. The cabin is located on the west side of Nord-Elvåga

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Monte Rosa Hut

The Monte Rosa Hut (German: Monte Rosa Hütte) is a mountain hut located near Zermatt on the Monte Rosa massif (up to 4,634 m (15,203 ft)) and above th

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Vignettes Hut

The Vignettes Hut (French: Cabane des Vignettes) is an alpine hut, located south of Arolla in the Swiss canton of Valais. It lies at a height of 3,160

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Laufen Hut

The Laufen Hut (German: Laufener Hütte) sits at an elevation of 1,726 metres (5,663 ft) in the Tennengebirge (Tennen Mountains) at the foot of the Fri

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Chalet at the green Ball

Chalet at the Green Ball (Slovak chalet PRI Zelenom Pleso, formerly known as Brnčalova Chalet or colloquially Brnčalka) is a mountain chalet in the no

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Sliezsky Dom

Sliezsky Dom (Silesian House) is the highest mountain hotel in Slovakia. It is located in the High Tatras on the doorstep of Velická Valley, on the ba

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Devils Kitchen Picnic Shelter

The Devils Kitchen Picnic Shelter in Colorado National Monument was designed by Harvey H. Cornell, Jerome C. Miller and Kenneth M. Saunders of the Nat

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Refuge of Perafita

The refuge of Perafita is a refuge of Andorra located in the parish of Escaldes-Engordany an altitude of 2 200 m,,. Inaugurated in 1991 and owned by t

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Refuge Duc des Abruzzes à l'Oriondé

Refuge Duc des Abruzzes à l'Oriondé is a refuge located above Breuil-Cervinia in the Aosta Valley. The refuge lies on the south side of the Matterhorn

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Aleko, Vitosha

Aleko (Bulgarian: Алеко) is a site on Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria situated at the northern foothills of Malak Rezen Peak (2191 m), in the watershed o

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Great St Bernard Hospice

The Great St Bernard Hospice (Italian: Ospizio del Gran San Bernardo, German: Hospiz auf dem Grossen St. Bernhard, French: Hospice du Grand St-Bernard

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Trient Hut

The Trient hut (French: Cabane du Trient) is a mountain hut in the Swiss alps, near the Swiss town of Martigny and the French town of Chamonix. The hu

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Grand Mountet Hut

The Grand Mountet Hut (2,886 m) (French: Cabane du Grand Mountet) is a mountain hut located in the Pennine Alps near Zinal in the canton of Valais in

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