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Erlebachova Bouda

Erlebachova Bouda (German Erlebachbaude) is a mountain hut which serves as a hotel. It is situated at an altitude of 1148 m, below the mountain Malý S

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Ribnica Lodge

The Ribnica Lodge (Slovene: Ribniška koča; 1,505 m (4,938 ft)) is the highest mountain lodge in the Pohorje Mountains (northeastern Slovenia). It lies

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Moravian Shed

The Moravian Bouda is a smaller hotel (14 rooms, 52 beds) under the ridges of Krkonoše. Located in the location Sedmidolí nad Špindlerovým mlýn roughl

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Masaryk's Cottage

The Masaryk Chalet (also cottage Šerlich) is a mountain tourist chalet under the peak of Šerlich in the Orlické Mountains at an altitude of 1 019 m cl

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Stone Chalet Pod Chopkom

The stone Chalet pod Chopkom (colloquially and Kamienka) is a alpine cottage with year-round operation, situated below the apex of the Chopok on the m

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Bártlova Bouda

Bártlova Bouda (also like Bártlovka, German Bartlbaude) is a tourist chalet in the White Creek, a village in the Frýdlant promontory in the Liberec re

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Smrekovec Lodge

The Smrekovec Lodge (Slovene: Dom na Smrekovcu; 1,377 meters or 4,518 feet) is a mountain hostel on the southern slope of the Smrekovec Mountains (Smr

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Majláthova Chata

Majláthova Chata is a chalet in the High Tatras on the banks of the Poprad Pleso in Mengusovska dolina. = = History = = The original Majláthova cottag

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Tête Rousse Hut

The Tête Rousse Hut (French: Refuge de Tête Rousse) is a mountain hut in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. It is located beside the Tête Rouss

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Cristallina Hut

The Cristallina Hut (German Cristallinahütte, Italian Capanna Cristallina) is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located in the Lepontine Alps i

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Bouda u Bílého Labe

Bouda u Bílého Labe je horská bouda na soutoku Bílého Labe a Čertovy strouhy v údolí Bílého Labe v Krkonoších s restaurací. Nachází se v Krkonošském n

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Coburger Hut

The Coburger Hut (German: Coburger Hütte) is an Alpine hut owned by the Coburg Branch of the German Alpine Club. It is located in the Mieming Range in

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Gonella Hut

The Gonella Hut (French: Refuge Francesco Gonella; Italian: Rifugio Francesco Gonella and sometimes called Rifugio del Dôme; or Refuge du Dôme) is a h

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Zotavovna Morava

Zotavovna Morava is an architecturally valued functionalist building in Tatranska Lomnica, which was built according to the design by Bohuslav Fuchs i

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Forge (mountain hut)

The Forge (German Bergschmiede) was a mountain hut in the Krkonoše Mountains, which was originally a mountain forge for the purposes of mining activit

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