Rivers and water areas of World

Nysa Mała

The Nysa Mała ("Little Neisse") is a river in Poland that is about 19 kilometres long, and is a left tributary of the Raging Neisse. In the area of th

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Upper Salmon River

The Upper Salmon River divides Fundy National Park and the village of Alma, New Brunswick at its delta. Here, it is inundated with tidal water from th

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Foxley River, Prince Edward Island

Foxley River is a Canadian rural community in Prince County, Prince Edward Island. It derives its name from a local river which was named by Samuel H

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Mess (river)

The Mess is a river flowing through Luxembourg, joining the Alzette at Lameschmillen, near Bergem. It flows through the towns of Reckange-sur-Mess an

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The Malčius is a river of Kėdainiai district municipality, Kaunas County, central Lithuania. It flows for 18.3 kilometres and has a basin area of 51.

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Debden Water SSSI

Debden Water SSSI is a 20.9 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest which comprises two stretches of Debden Water, a small tributary of

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Cam Beck

Cam Beck is a stream in Cumbria. It runs for 10.9 miles (17.6 km) past Kirkambeck and Cambeck Hill and into the River Irthing. == Toponomy == From t

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Oued El Harrach

The Wadi El Harrach is an Algerian river that originates in the Bliden, Atlas Mountains near Hammam Melouane. It is 67 kilometers long and flows into

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Trent Falls

Trent Falls is the confluence of the River Ouse and the River Trent which forms the Humber between Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire in En

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Onaping River

The Onaping River is a river in Greater Sudbury and Sudbury District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It is in the Great Lakes Basin and is a right tr

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Spithead is an area of the Solent and a roadstead off Gilkicker Point in Hampshire, England. It is protected from all winds, except those from the sou

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Mistik Creek

The Mistik Creek is a river in the Hudson Bay drainage basin in the Northern Region of Manitoba, Canada, approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast

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Kanaka Creek

Kanaka Creek is a tributary of the Fraser River, in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It flows through Maple Ridge, a district municipality a

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Les Saisons (Hong Kong)

Les Saisons (Chinese: 逸濤灣) is a private estate in Hong Kong. Located in Sai Wan Ho of the Eastern District, Hong Kong Island, the property was co-deve

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Kam Tin River

Kam Tin River (Chinese: 錦田河), located in the northwest New Territories is a river to the east to Yuen Long, near Kam Tin, Hong Kong, China. The river

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