Rivers and water areas of Australia (continent)

Chandler River (New South Wales)

Chandler River, a perennial stream of the Macleay River catchment, is located in the Northern Tablelands district of New South Wales, Australia. ==

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Waiau River (Southland)

Waiau River is the largest river in the Southland Region of New Zealand. It is the outflow of Lake Te Anau, flowing from it into Lake Manapouri 10 kil

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Waikato River

The Waikato River is the longest river in New Zealand, running for 425 kilometres (264 mi) through the North Island. It rises in the eastern slopes of

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Molonglo River

The Molonglo River, a perennial river that is part of the Murrumbidgee catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the Monaro and Capital

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Cardrona River

The Cardrona River is found in Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. It is one of the first tributaries of the Clutha River, which it meets only 5

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Cam River (Tasmania)

The Cam River estuary is located in Somerset roughly halfway between the township of Wynyard and the city of Burnie on the North West Coast of Tasmani

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Calliope River

The Calliope River is a river located in Central Queensland, Australia. The river rises in the Calliope Range inland from the industrial port city of

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Burnett River

The Burnett River is a river located in the Wide Bay–Burnett and Central Queensland regions of Queensland, Australia. == Course and features == The

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Burke River (Queensland)

The Burke River is an ephemeral river in Central West Queensland, Australia. The river was named in memory of Robert O'Hara Burke of the Burke and Wil

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Gordon River

The Gordon River is a major perennial river located in the central highlands, south-west, and western regions of Tasmania, Australia. == Course and

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Burdekin River

The Burdekin River is a river located in North and Far North Queensland, Australia. The river rises on the northern slopes of Boulder Mountain at Vall

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Bundara River

The Bundara River (formerly known as the Bundara Mungee River and the Bundarah River), a perennial river of the North-East Murray catchment of the Mur

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Macquarie Marshes

The Macquarie Marshes comprise the wetlands associated with the floodplains of the Macquarie River and its tributaries, in northern New South Wales, A

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Whites Creek (Annandale)

Whites Creek, formerly known as White's Creek, was once a natural waterway that was concreted to improve sanitation. The creek is now an heritage–list

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Lake Barlee

Lake Barlee is an intermittent salt lake and with an area of 1,980 square kilometres (764 sq mi), is the second largest lake in Western Australia. =

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