Rivers and water areas of World

Clay Husk

Clay shells – Two reservoirs in Warsaw, in the District of Italy in the area of enamel street. = = Location = = Clays lie on the left side of the Vist

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Staw Zbarski

Staw Zbarski is a small pond in Warsaw in the district of Włochy. == Location == The pond is located to the left of the Vistula, in Warsaw, in the d

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Fischteich is a lake in the Nordwestmecklenburg district in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. At an elevation of 6.8 m, its surface area is 0.266 km².

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Sea Eye (Warsaw Pond)

Sea Eye – Pond located in the Marine Eye Park in Warsaw, in the district Mokotów. = = Bibliography = = Commission of the names of localities and physi

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High-Naughty Pond

The High naughty pond is a water expanse of Ille-et-Vilaine east of glazed, located in the upper part of the valley of the Vilaine, horse on the commu

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Vali_re Pond

The pond of the Vali_re is a body of water of Ille-et-Vilaine east of glazed, in the valley of the Vali_re, horse on the communes of glazed and Erbrée

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Pupil (Klánovice)

The pupil can have two meanings in the Klánovického forest area: The defunct pond pupil, from which remains of the dam are visible. Earlier incorrect

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Mirror Lake (California)

Mirror Lake is a small, seasonal lake located on Tenaya Creek in Yosemite National Park. Situated in Tenaya Canyon directly between North Dome and Hal

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Lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica (pronounced [ˈtseːɾknitsa]; Slovene: Cerkniško jezero, German: Zirknitzer See) is an intermittent lake in the southern part of the Cerkn

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Lake Palčje

Lake Palčje (Slovene: Palško jezero) is an intermittent lake in the Pivka basin north of the settlement Palčje in the Inner Carniola region of Sloveni

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Lake Barlee

Lake Barlee is an intermittent salt lake and with an area of 1,980 square kilometres (764 sq mi), is the second largest lake in Western Australia. =

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Pettit Creek

Pettit Creek is a stream in Bartow County, Georgia.Pettit was the name of a local Cherokee landowner. == See also == List of rivers of Georgia (U.S.

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Neshaminy Creek

Neshaminy Creek is a 40.7-mile-long (65.5 km) stream that runs entirely through Bucks County, Pennsylvania, rising south of the borough of Chalfont, w

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Sandy Creek (Ohio)

Sandy Creek is a tributary of the Tuscarawas River, 41.3 miles (66.5 km) long, in northeastern Ohio in the United States. Via the Tuscarawas, Musking

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East Branch Fishing Creek

East Branch Fishing Creek is a tributary of Fishing Creek in Columbia County and Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is 4.4 miles

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