Rivers and water areas of World


Langenuen is a strait in Hordaland county, Norway. The 40-kilometre (25 mi) strait runs between the islands of Stord and Huftarøy on the west, and Ty

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Vinodol Channel

Vinodol Channel (Italian: Canale Meltempo or Maltempo) is a channel between the island of Krk and the Croatian coastline proceeding past Jadranovo, Dr

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Ossuary of the high-ride

The ossuary of the Haute-rode is a ossuary of the Wagmatcook First World War topped by a memorial, located in the territory of the commune of Lachalad

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Bristol Channel

The Bristol Channel (Welsh: Môr Hafren) is a major inlet in the island of Great Britain, separating South Wales from Devon and Somerset in South West

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Tongass Narrows

Tongass Narrows is a Y-shaped channel, part of Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage. The waterway forms part of the Alaska Marine Highway and as such, is

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Montlake Cut

The Montlake Cut is the easternmost section of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, which passes through the city of Seattle, linking Lake Washington to Pu

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Arrowhead Marsh

Arrowhead Marsh is a wetlands habitat made of tidal mud flats in Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline in Oakland, California. It is an important stop on

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The Everglades is a natural region of tropical wetlands in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida, comprising the southern half of a large

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Nares Strait

Nares Strait (Danish: Nares Strædet) is a waterway between Ellesmere Island and Greenland that is the northern part of Baffin Bay where it meets the L

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Aksu Deresi

Aksu is one of the main water streams of Giresun Province in the eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey. Its name is Turkish for "white water". == Descr

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Oued El Harrach

The Wadi El Harrach is an Algerian river that originates in the Bliden, Atlas Mountains near Hammam Melouane. It is 67 kilometers long and flows into

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Spithead is an area of the Solent and a roadstead off Gilkicker Point in Hampshire, England. It is protected from all winds, except those from the sou

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Mühlbach (Altmühl)

Mühlbach is a small river of Bavaria, Germany. It is a left tributary of the Altmühl near Dietfurt. == See also == List of rivers of Bavaria

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Mount Chiginagak

Chiginagak Volcano is a stratovolcano on the Alaska Peninsula, located about 15 km NW of Chiginagak Bay. == Eruptive history == An unglaciated lava

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El Chichón

El Chichón, also known as Chichonal, is an active volcano in Francisco León, north-western Chiapas, Mexico. El Chichón is part of a geologic zone know

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