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Figuig (Berber languages: Ifyyey or Figig, Arabic: فكيك‎) is a town in eastern Morocco near the Atlas Mountains, on the border with Algeria. The town

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Gaberoun (Arabic: قبر عون‎, alternate spelling Gaberoun, Gaber Awhn, Gabr Awhn, Gabr Own, Gabraun) is an oasis with a large lake in the Idehan Ubari d

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In Salah

In Salah or Ain Salah (Arabic: عين صالح‎) is an oasis town in central Algeria. It was once an important trade link of the trans-Saharan caravan route.

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Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis (Arabic: واحة سيوة‎, Wāḥat Sīwah, IPA: [ˈwæːħet ˈsiːwæ]; Coptic: (ϯ)ϣⲉϣⲁⲙⲟⲩ (Di)Şeşamu; Berber languages: Isiwan, ⵉⵙⵉⵡⴰⵏ ) is an urban

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This article is about the town; for the former Libyan district see Ghadames District. Ghadames or Ghadamis (Berber: ʕademis; Arabic: غدامس‎ ɣadāmis,

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Kufra () is a basin and oasis group in the Kufra District of southeastern Cyrenaica in Libya. At the end of nineteenth century Kufra became the center

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El Oued

El Oued (Arabic: اﻟﻮادي‎, Berber languages: Suf meaning the River), Souf or Oued Souf is a city, and the capital of El Oued Province, in Algeria. The

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El Goléa

El Goléa (Arabic: القلعة‎) is an oasis town and commune, and capital of El Ménia District, in Ghardaïa Province, Algeria. The official name is El Méni

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Tafilalt or Tafilet (Berber: Tafilalt, ⵜⴰⴼⵉⵍⴰⵍⵜ; Arabic: تافيلالت‎), historically Sijilmasa, is a region and the largest oasis in Morocco. == Etymol

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Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis (Egyptian Arabic: الداخلة‎ El Daḵla , pronounced [edˈdæxlæ]), translates to the inner oasis, is one of the seven oases of Egypt's Western

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Dadès Gorges

The Dadès Gorges (Arabic: وادي دادس‎; French: Gorges du Dadès) are a series of rugged wadi gorges carved out by the Dadès River in Morocco. The river

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Blyde River Canyon

The Blyde River Canyon, officially the Motlatse Canyon is a significant natural feature of South Africa, located in Mpumalanga, and forming the northe

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Todgha Gorge

The Todgha Gorges (Berber languages: ⵜⵉⵣⵉ ⵏ ⵜⵓⴷⵖⴰ; Arabic: مضيق تودغا‌‎) are a series of limestone river canyons, or wadi, in the eastern part of the

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Oued Saoura

Oued Saoura is an intermittent river, or wadi, formed from the confluence of the Oued Guir and Oued Zouzfana at Igli, forming the Saoura valley. While

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Oued Guir

Oued Guir is an intermittent river or wadi that flows through the Drâa-Tafilalet and Oriental regions in southeastern Morocco and Béchar Province in w

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