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Ruhr Museum

The Ruhr Museum, formerly the Ruhrland Museum, is a diverse natural history and cultural history museum for the Ruhrgebiet in Essen, Germany. The spon

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Clitheroe Castle Museum

Clitheroe Castle Museum is located in Clitheroe, Lancashire, England, in the former Steward's House, a Grade II listed building that was built in the

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Watford Museum

Watford Museum is a local museum in Watford, Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom. It is owned by Watford Borough Council and is located on the Lower

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Twickenham Museum

The Twickenham Museum is a volunteer-run museum in Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is located opposite St Mary's parish c

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Greenwich Heritage Centre

Greenwich Heritage Centre is a museum and local history resource centre in Woolwich, south-east London, England. It was established in 2003 by the Lon

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Heckington railway station

Heckington railway station is located in the village of Heckington in Lincolnshire, England. The old station building houses the Heckington Station Ra

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Stockholm City Museum

The Stockholm City Museum (Swedish: Stadsmuseet i Stockholm) is a museum documenting, preserving and exhibiting the history of Stockholm. The museum i

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Horsham Museum

Horsham Museum is a museum at Horsham, West Sussex, in South East England. It was founded in August 1893 by volunteers of the Free Christian (now Unit

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Coldharbour Mill Working Wool Museum

Coldharbour Mill, near the village of Uffculme in Devon, England, is one of the oldest woollen textile mills in the world, having been in continuous p

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Milton Chantry

Milton Chantry is a former chantry chapel in Gravesend, Kent England. It houses the Chantry Heritage Centre, displaying a range of exhibits relating t

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Leominster Museum

Leominster Museum, formerly known as Leominster Folk Museum, is an independent, volunteer-run, museum in Leominster, Herefordshire, England. The museu

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Stadtmuseum Gütersloh

The Stadtmuseum Gütersloh (Gütersloh Town Museum) is a museum in Gütersloh, Germany, dealing with the city’s history. Under the auspices of Gütersloh’

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Regional Museum in the Poles

The Regional museum in the bar, the museum in the post, founded in 1975, documents the history of the city and the county of słupeckiego. = = History

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PTTK Regional Museum in Gorlice

PTTK Regional Museum Ignacy Łukasiewicz in Gorlice – a museum located in Gorlice. The facility is operated by the Gorlice branch of PTTK, and its patr

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Regional Museum old Garden (Ustroń)

The Regional Museum Old Garden (Polish: Museum Regionalne "Stara Zagroda") is a private museum in the town of Ustroń in Poland. The wooden house is li

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