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Mackenzie King Island

Mackenzie King Island is one of the Queen Elizabeth Islands in northern Canada. It lies north of Melville Island and south of Borden Island, and like

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Naissaar (German: Nargen; Swedish: Nargö) is an island northwest of Tallinn (but belonging to Viimsi Parish) in Estonia. The island covers an area of

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Iž (pronounced [îːʒ]; Italian: Eso, German: Ese) is an island in the Zadar Archipelago within the Croatian reaches of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated

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Ugljan (pronounced [ûɡʎan]; Italian: Ugliano) is a Croatian island and the first in the Zadar Archipelago. It is located northwest of the island of Pa

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Copinsay (Old Norse: Kolbeinsey) is one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland, lying off the east coast of the Orkney Mainland. The smaller companion isl

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Rukkirahu (English translation: Rye shoal) is a small, uninhabited island in the Baltic Sea belonging to the country of Estonia. Rukkirahu lies off t

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Tavolara Island

Tavolara is a small island off the northeast coast of Sardinia, Italy. The island is a limestone massif 5 kilometres (3 miles) long and 1 kilometre (

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Lopud (pronounced [lɔ̌pud]) is a small island 4.63 square kilometres (1.79 square miles) off the coast of Dalmatia, southern Croatia. Lopud is economi

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Mjømna (island)

Mjømna is an island in Gulen Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The island sits off the mainland coast in southwestern Gulen, and it is

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Bastøy is an unpopulated island in Horten municipality, Norway. Bastøy Prison, a minimum-security prison is located on the island.

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Jura, Scotland

Jura ( JOOR-ə; Scottish Gaelic: Diùra) is an island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, adjacent to and to the north-east of Islay. With an area of 36

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Mull (Scottish Gaelic: Muile) is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides (after Skye), and lies off the west coast of Scotland in the council

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Morzhovets Island

Morzhovets Island (Russian: Остров Моржовец) is an island in the southern limit of the Barents Sea. It is located in Mezen Bay, at the entrance of the

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Isla de Lobos

The Isla de Lobos is a small island located about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) southeast of Punta del Este (Uruguay). An islet lies east of the island. ==

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Reyneke Island

Reyneke Island (Russian: Остров Рейнеке, Ostrov Reyneke) is an island in the Eugénie Archipelago within the Peter the Great Gulf of the Sea of Japan.

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