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Crimean Atomic Energy Station

The Crimean Nuclear Power Station (Ukrainian: Кримська АЕС; Russian: Крымская АЭС) is an abandoned and unfinished nuclear power plant near the cape of

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Baba (Ruins)

The ruin of the Baba is located on the promontory on the left side of the Vltava river in Prague-Dejvice, above Podbabou on a hill called Na Babě (259

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Windsor (Summer House)

Windsor, sometimes also a fan, is a ruined windmill and later hunting summer house, located about 4km southeast of Lovosice and about 1.5 km east of t

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Burgruine Kaja

Burgruine Kaja is a castle in Lower Austria, Austria. == See also == List of castles in Austria == References == This article was initially transl

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Saint-Martial Church of Gentioux-Pigerolles

The church of Saint-Martial is a church located in Gentioux-Pigerolles, in the department French de la Creuse in France. Built in the 13th and 14th si

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San Nicola di Baraggiola

San Nicola di Baraggiola is a Roman Catholic church located in the neighborhood of Baraggiola (o Barazzola), in the town limits of Borgomanero, provin

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Orchard Road Presbyterian Church

The Orchard Road Presbyterian Church (ORPC), also known as Greja Kechil ("small church" in Malay) and the Scotch Church, is a Presbyterian church in S

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Priory of Villars

The Priory of Villars is an ancient priory located on the territory of the commune of Villars in the French department of Saône-et-Loire and the regio

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Shrine of Our Lady of the Rock of France

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rocher de France (in Spanish, Santuario de Nuestra Se_ora de la Pe_a de Francia) is a shrine dedicated to the Nativit

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Bhattarika Temple

Bhattarika Temple is located on the Mahanadi River, in Sasanga village in the tehsil Baramba, (formerly Athgarh), Cuttack district, India. It is dedic

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Khajuresvara temple complex

Khajuresvara temple complex is a group of deula-complex in Odisha (former Orissa state), India. These Buddhist and Shaiva-Shakta temple complex is loc

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Walt Whitman House

The Walt Whitman House is a historic building in Camden, Camden County, New Jersey, United States, which was the last residence of American poet Walt

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Moore-Cunningham House

The Moore-Cunningham House is a Queen Anne style mansion designed by architect James King and constructed in Boise, Idaho in 1892. The brick house is

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Toronto

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a traditional Hindu place of worship that was built by the BAPS Swaminaray

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Palazzo Caotorta-Angaran

The Palazzo Caotorta Angaran is a palace located on the Canal Grande of Venice, between the Palazzo Balbi and, across the Rio della Frescada, the Pal

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