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Fort Ville-Marie

Fort Ville-Marie was a French fortress outpost in North America. It is the historic nucleus around which the original settlement of Montreal grew. Gi

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Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle was erected by the Portuguese in 1482 as São Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine) Castle, also known simply as Mina or Feitoria da Min

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Fort St. George, India

Fort St George (or historically, White Town) is the first English (later British) fortress in India, founded in 1644 at the coastal city of Madras, th

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Fort Stevens (Oregon)

Fort Stevens was an American military installation that guarded the mouth of the Columbia River in the state of Oregon. Built near the end of the Amer

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Fort Stark

Fort Stark is a former military fortification in New Castle, New Hampshire, United States. Located at Jerry's Point (also called Jaffrey's Point) on t

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Fort Prinzenstein

Fort Prinzenstein (Danish: Fort Prinsensten) is a fort located at Keta, Ghana which was used in the slave trade. Many such forts were built in Africa,

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Fort Point, San Francisco

Fort Point is a masonry seacoast fortification located at the southern side of the Golden Gate at the entrance to San Francisco Bay. This fort was com

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Fort Pickens

Fort Pickens is a pentagonal historic United States military fort on Santa Rosa Island in the Pensacola, Florida, area. It is named after American Re

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Fort Pannerden

Fort Pannerden is a disused military fort situated near the village of Pannerden in the southeast of the Netherlands. In November 2006, it became the

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Fort Moultrie

Fort Moultrie is a series of fortifications on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, built to protect the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The first f

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Fort Montgomery (Hudson River)

Fort Montgomery is a fortification built in 1776 by the Continental Army on West Bank of the Hudson River during the American Revolution. It is part o

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Fort McClary

Fort McClary is a former defensive fortification of the United States military located along the southern coast at Kittery Point, Maine at the mouth o

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Fort Massachusetts (Mississippi)

Fort Massachusetts is a fort on West Ship Island along the Mississippi Gulf Coast of the United States. It was built following the War of 1812, with b

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Fort Independence (Massachusetts)

Fort Independence is a granite bastion fort that provided harbor defenses for Boston, Massachusetts. Located on Castle Island, Fort Independence is o

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Fort James Jackson

Fort James Jackson (usually called Old Fort Jackson or shortened to Fort Jackson) is a restored 19th-century fort located on the Savannah River, two m

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