Synagogue du Quai Kléber

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La Petite France, Krutenau, Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Grand Est, Metropolitan France, France

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Description Synagogue du Quai Kléber

The Synagogue du Quai Kléber (German: Synagoge am Kleberstaden, also known as Neue Synagoge, "New Synagogue") was the main synagogue of Strasbourg, France, before World War II. It was built in the "Neustadt" when the city was part of the German Empire (until 1918) and destroyed by Nazi Germany after it annexed the city in 1940; in the years between, Strasbourg and its Jewish community were French.
The synagogue was designed by Ludwig Levy (1854–1907) and built from 1895 until 1898 at a final co

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