Great Choral Synagogue, Riga

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Information about Great Choral Synagogue, Riga

Rīgas Horālās sinagogas memoriāls, Gogoļa iela, Maskavas forštate, Riga, Vidzeme, LV-1003, Latvia

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Description Great Choral Synagogue, Riga

The Great Choral Synagogue (Latvian: Rīgas Horālā sinagoga, Hebrew: בית הכנסת כורל של ריגה‎) on Gogol Street was the largest synagogue in Riga, until it was burned down on 4 July 1941.
The synagogue was projected in 1868 by architect Paul von Hardenack and the building was completed in 1871. The architecture consisted of several different styles, however, Neo-Renaissance was the dominant style. The synagogue was famous throughout the city for its cantors and its choir.
The synagogue was burned d

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