Euripus Strait

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Information about Euripus Strait

Old Bridge (Chalkida), Ε.Ο.44, Οντάθι, Chalkida, Δήμος Χαλκιδέων, Regional Unit of Euboea, Region of Central Greece, Thessaly - Central Greece, 34100, Greece

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Description Euripus Strait

The Euripus Strait (Greek: Εύριπος [ˈevripos]) is a narrow channel of water separating the Greek island of Euboea in the Aegean Sea from Boeotia in mainland Greece. The strait's principal port is Chalcis on Euboea, located at the strait's narrowest point.
The strait is subject to strong tidal currents which reverse direction approximately four times a day. Tidal flows are very weak in the Eastern Mediterranean, but the strait is a remarkable exception. Water flow peaks at about 12 km/hour, eith

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