Cristallina Hut

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Information about Cristallina Hut

Passo Cristallina, Cevio, Lielp, Cevio, Circolo della Rovana, Distretto di Vallemaggia, Ticino, 6781, Switzerland


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Description Cristallina Hut

The Cristallina Hut (German Cristallinahütte, Italian Capanna Cristallina) is a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located in the Lepontine Alps in the Swiss canton of Ticino--specifically, On the west side of the Cristallina mountain.
The original Cristallina Hut was built in 1939, but was almost completely destroyed during an avalanche in 1999, the third avalanche to cause the hut serious damage. It was rebuilt in 2002, 150 meters lower, on the Cristallina Pass, situated between the Bavona

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