Coburger Hut

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Information about Coburger Hut

Coburger Hütte, Seeumrundung, Mieming, Imst, Tyrol, 6094, Austria


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Description Coburger Hut

The Coburger Hut (German: Coburger Hütte) is an Alpine hut owned by the Coburg Branch of the German Alpine Club. It is located in the Mieming Range in the Austrian state of Tyrol and lies only a few metres in height above the lake of Drachensee. The accommodation is generally open from June to early October and there is a winter room.

== History ==
The construction of the hut goes back to a proposal by the Munich alpinist, Ferdinand Kilger, in 1890. This was taken up in 1895 by the Coburg br

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