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Cinema in Lodz

Cinema of the Forest in Łódź – a non-existent cinema which was located in Łódź at UL. Vilnius 37. The cinema was opened on 30 April 1960 years, in the

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Polonia Cinema in Lodz

Kino Polonia – Cinema in Łódź on the street Piotrkowska 67 (the building is located in the depths of the yard). Polonia Cinema has become a favorite p

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Warsaw Cinema Muranów

Kino Muranów – Cinema located at ul. 5th Gen. Władysław Anders 5 in Warsaw. = = Description = = The movie was created after World War II in one of the

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Moscow Cinema in Warsaw

Cinema Moscow – A non-existent cinema from 1950 to 1996 at UL. Puławska 19 in Warsaw. = = History = = The cinema building was erected according to the

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Cinematograph Cinema

Cinema Cinematograph – Łódź Cinema promoting niche films: Polish pre-war films, documents, animations and contemporary art cinema. It is located in th

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Kino Gloria

Kino Gloria – Jednosalowe Cinema in Bytom, operating from 8 November 1931 to 30 June 2006 r. = = Building = = Gloria Kino is located in the building "

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Cinema Gdynia in Lodz

Cinema Gdynia – A non-existent cinema at ul. Tuwim 2 (formerly ul. Ride) in Lodz. The cinema building was built in 1908, occupying the backyard of the

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Movie Lemon

Lemon cinema – a cinema in the years 1997-2012, specializing in the presentation of films that usually do not reach a mass audience. From 1997 to 2009

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Capitol Cinema in Łódź

The Capitol cinema is a cinema located at the confluence of the western streets and Próchnika in Łódź. Currently, the building has been converted into

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Charlie Movie

Cinema-Charlie Gallery – a cinema founded in Lodz by Sławomir Fijałkowskiego specializing in the presentation of European films, ambitious, niche and

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Cinema Baltic in Lodz

Cinema Baltic-one of the biggest Łódź cinemas in the 1990s. It was the first cinema in Lodz with a Dolby Surround system. The Baltic cinema was at ul.

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Grauman's Chinese Theatre

TCL Chinese Theatre is a movie palace on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, California. Originally and more com

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Cineteca di Bologna

The Cineteca di Bologna is a film archive in Bologna, Italy. It was founded on 18 May, 1962. Since 1989 it is member of the Fédération internationale

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O2 Apollo Manchester

The O2 Apollo Manchester (known locally as The Apollo and formerly Manchester Apollo) is a concert venue in Ardwick Green, Manchester, England. It is

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Victoria Rooms, Bristol

The Victoria Rooms, also known as the Vic Rooms, houses the University of Bristol's music department in Clifton, Bristol, England, on a prominent site

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