Forum Marinum

Forum Marinum is maritime museum located in Turku, Finland. == History == The museum was founded in 1999 by merging of Turku maritime museum establi

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El Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum

The El Masnou Municipal Nautical Museum (Catalan: Museu Municipal de Nàutica del Masnou) is a municipally owned museum, the backbone of which is El Ma

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Saint-Nazaire submarine base

The submarine base of Saint-Nazaire is a large fortified U-boat pen built by the Germans during the Second World War in Saint Nazaire. It is one of th

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Aalborg Søfarts- og Marinemuseum

Aalborg Søfarts- og Marinemuseum is a marine museum located on the wharf of Aalborg, Denmark. Inaugurated on 24 May 1992, in the presence of Her Majes

Musée National de la Marine (Rochefort)

The Musée National de la Marine in Rochefort is one of the main naval museums of France. Rochefort Naval museum is part of the Musée national de la M

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Columbia River Maritime Museum

The Columbia River Maritime Museum is a museum of maritime history located about ten miles (16 km) from the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria, Or

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Maritime Museum of San Diego

The Maritime Museum of San Diego, established in 1948, preserves one of the largest collections of historic sea vessels in the United States. Located

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Hellenic Maritime Museum

The first attempt to establish the Hellenic Maritime Museum was in the newly established Greek state in 1867. That year the master of the Navy Gerasim

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Maritime Museum Rotterdam

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam is a maritime museum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dedicated to naval history, it was founded in 1874 by Prince Henry o

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Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre

The Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre is a historical museum relating to the local port of Charlestown, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It al

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Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (Latvian: Rīgas vēstures un kuģniecības muzejs) is housed by the Riga Dom Cathedral ensemble in the heart

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Pakistan Maritime Museum

Pakistan Maritime Museum (Urdu: پاک بحریہ متحف ‎) is a naval museum and park situated near PNS Karsaz on Habib Ebrahim Rehmatoola Road (Karsaz Road

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Museo Storico Navale

The Museo Storico Navale is a naval history museum located in the Castello district of Venice, near the Venetian Arsenal. The museum was established b

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Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport or Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea in Mystic, Connecticut is the largest maritime museum in the United States. It is

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Valdemar's Castle

Valdemar's Castle (Danish: Valdemars Slot) is a small palace situated on the island of Tåsinge near Svendborg in southern Denmark. == History == Val

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